Wedding Traditions: What the Wedding Candle, Cord and Veil Symbolize

There are different versions, but this is what I learned from our pre-cana seminar at the Shrine of Jesus.


The candle is a symbol of the presence of Jesus in the couple’s lives and of the love that they must keep aflame all the days of their lives.
*Some believe that the candle that blows out first points to whoever will die first. Riiiight.


The veil is pinned on the bride’s head and on the groom’s shoulder. This forms the silhouette of a house, symbolizing that you now have the blessing to live under one roof.



This is my favorite. The cord means that you will now have to walk at the same pace towards one direction. Walang iwanan.


Unity Candle

Not required, but definitely nice to have. It’s something that you as a couple can light on your anniversary as you offer prayers of thanks, praise and for special intentions, maybe.



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13 responses to “Wedding Traditions: What the Wedding Candle, Cord and Veil Symbolize

  1. dex

    what a beautiful wedding…congratulations!
    God bless you both! :-)

  2. I still get kilig when people say that. Hehe. Thanks Dex!

  3. Rev. SES Gove

    thanx for the info. Reminds me of Native tradition of white blanket upon the couple’s shoulders. ‘Have a couple’s wedding who requested the veil and cord in their ceremony.

  4. liz

    Where can I buy a wedding cord, veil and coins inexpensively? I live in Los Angeles, CA.

  5. Dear Friends: What a Beautiful couple and wedding. I’m one of only a couple of places in the US that sells the Cord and Veil. Would you permit me to use the photo of you having the cord placed upon you. Many Thanks, The Rev. David James

  6. Hi, good day. Wonderful post. You have gained a new subscriber. Pleasee continue this great work and I look forward to more of your great blog posts.

  7. sophia

    lol hahahahaha

  8. belle michelle

    very cute and sweet

  9. Eh. Dpat ang mg ka Relasyun ang lalagay. Eh bat ang #JosBie nag lgay sa Groom at Bride?? Meaning mg ka relasyun na sila??? @AmIThatBad @dealwithBARBIE @hplarjoshua ????

  10. Jo-an Castronuevo

    thank you so much for the info…by the way how and when the unity candle to be light?

  11. Jonathan

    Very Helpful Information. You got my curiosity satisfied. God Bless!

  12. JJ

    How about the ring and arrhae?

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